Our “AltaVia” project for sustainability.

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For over 40 years our vinegrowers are committed to the sustainable cultivation with the following activities:

- Soil analysis and assessment of the nutritional needs of each vine to limit fertilizer and adopt, where possible, the grassing.
- Guided Defense of the vineyards through field checks and evaluating weather forecast to program only necessary treatment, thus limiting the environmental impact.
- Using the “Quaderno di Campagna” (Country Notebook) to record all treatments carried out, to avoid mistakes and to better assess the effectiveness of treatments.
- Installation of water purification and solar in the vinification cellars.

Today we have also made further steps:

- Direct support with an extra contribution for the protection of viticulture in the most inaccessible areas contributing to the protection of biodiversity
- Greener packaging with 360 grams bottles and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) from responsibly cultivated forests.